10 Things to Know Before Installing Kitchen Cabinet

Have you decided to replace the old cabinets in the kitchen with new & better cabinets? Are you replacing them so that you can save some cash or are you doing it for some other reasons? Whatever the reason, you need to ensure that you are aware of how to replace them in the correct way if at all you want the cabinets to last for a longer time. What is good about replacing the kitchen cabinets is that the task can be undertaken by anybody, regardless of whether they are experienced or not. However, despite being that easy, you still have to ensure that you are well informed in order to get that professional result.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Below are some things to know before installing kitchen cabinet:

1. It is always advisable to begin by shopping for products which have been certified and authorized by the necessary authorities which expose these cabinets to various tests to verify their quality. The certified cabinets should have the ability to withstand humidity exposure, exposure to temperatures that range from -5 degrees up to 120 degree Fahrenheit. The cabinets should not blister or show any discoloration sign when subjected to the normal condiments like vinegar, ketchup & coffee.

2. It is crucial and advisable to comprehend the language used in the kitchen cabinet world. The important thing you should know is that there are two most popular cabinet types which are available on the market namely; stock & semi stock. The Stock cabinets are leading by far due to the fact that they have a lower price tag, they are easily available. On top of that, the supply of the accessories & hardware is never ending which makes your cabinets extra personal. The semi-Stock cabinets on the other hand offer a larger size range as well as styles. The undisputed highest end cabinets have a custom design such that one can get whatever look or functionality they wish to acquire.

3. It is crucial that you get a personal touch in the kitchen keeping in mind the exact function that the cabinet is going to serve. Many cabinets provide some user-friendly options like complete extension roll-out shelves. This helps you to avoid banging your hand when trying to reach that tomato sauce can which has been buried somewhere deep. The large drawers at their base are capable of holding your pots, pans, and any other large utensils that you use when cooking. This stops you from storing the pots & pans in your oven like most people do.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

4. Besides the cabinet’s functionality it’s of equal importance to select the appropriate look. Some light colored woods such as oak & maple bring a brighter & larger look to your kitchen. On the other hand, darker woods such as cherry & mahogany bring a more dramatic look to your kitchen. In order to give your cabinets a less visual heft, manufacturers are offering turned leg pieces which mimic the appearance of furniture. Similarly appliances’ trim kits are going to help in visually pulling the kitchen together.

5. Ensure that you are exactly aware of what the cabinetry has been made of. It is obvious that the box is your cabinet’s backbone and the stronger it is the better. It is recommended to have heavy boxes having walls that are half an inch thick walls or some structural support which can be easily attached to the wall studs using screws. Many cabinets nowadays are being made from MDF or OSB, but the best is plywood with some dado joints, metal or wooden corner braces and dovetail joints for the drawer boxes. You will only get this in custom cabinets which will cost a bit higher.

6. You should be thinking ahead in terms of repair as well as fixes at some time by ensuring to buy a repairing kit before leaving the store where you purchased your cabinets. Basically, a repair kit is supposed to have items such as the colored wax, or markers for covering the set nails or scratches. In a similar manner, you should purchase a few more hinges & drawer slides since these are the things which seem to wear out first.

7. Avoid screwing yourself. When you are the one installing the cabinets, ensure to use the 2 1/2 inch deck screws. This is due to the reason that drywall screws are going to snap under the heavy load coming from the upper cabinets. Additionally, always ensure to screw the cabinets into studs that are sixteen to eighteen inches apart from each other in your wall. In some cases, it’s advisable to hire an expert for installation due to the reason that they might be required to cut open your wall when making a support brace which is going to support the cabinets.

8. If you still insist on doing the installation yourself, ensure to screw a 1 by 3 cleat below your wall cabinet’s bottom that should be having a line. This is going to help support the weight as you install your cabinetry. This task in most cases requires two individuals, but for the wall cabinets a single person can install them by the help of cabinet jacks.

9. Always ensure that the cabinets are always flush & plumb. You can attach different cabinets using a C clamp on the floor and then attach them using wood screws. After that you will easily lift your cabinets as a single unit that makes it simpler to install your cabinets and on top of that ensuring that you are level.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

10. When you or the professional company you hired is doing the kitchen cabinets installation or replacement, avoid ripping the current cabinets down or even allowing others to do that. This is because you will get a tax write-off when you donate them to charities & similar organizations which are going to give the old cabinets a whole new life as you receive a write off by helping the needy.


Kitchen cabinet installation is one of the home improvement projects which could at the end pay for itself. The cabinetry is the most wonderful feature in your home and re-branding it will definitely increase the whole functionality in the kitchen which in turn adds more value in the house. Since your kitchen remains the most visited area in your house, the wonderful changes made would obviously be noticeable. Those are some of the things to know before installing kitchen cabinet.

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