Guide To Choosing And Installing Your Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen tidiness is a quite detrimental routine for an ideal home attractive image. The organization of a kitchen determines hygiene of the whole family and its impression to guests. A good kitchen organization cannot happen if the right kitchen cabinet is not put in place. It is an essential component that ensures all your clear utensils are kept in order. This creates space and avoids intermingling dirty and clean ones.
However, to choose and install the right design of a kitchen cabinet can be quite hectic.

Kitchen Cabinets

Many are times you might want to choose a cabinet with sections that can accommodate a dinner set for 24 for instance yet the budget is quite tight. Moreover, someone else will prefer a minimalist type of slab cabinet or a traditional-shaker style etc. Therefore, this article is important for easy identification of the right kitchen cabinet to go for at many shops in Singapore.

Factors to consider when choosing the appropriate kitchen cabinet

1. Budget-
You need to choose a pocket-friendly type but maximise on quality choice. If you have a very small budget, you need to choose the custom type of cabinet. This type is normally made directly as per your order by the artisan. You can make personal level agreements for the materials that fit your budget to be used. Alternatively, if your budget is high, you can opt for the stock type which is bought fixed directly from the manufacturer but can be of a high-quality standard than many other types.

2. Home distance from the point of sale-
If you are travelling far, you need to choose the ready to assemble type which is easy to transport and install.

3. Size of your kitchen-
If your kitchen is big due to reasons such as a nuclear family leaving together, you need custom cabinets so that a bigger size can be made uniquely for you.

4. Quality -
If you are accustomed to quality, you need to make good choices of cabinet door styles,drawer types,shaker styles, color matching with your entire place among other quality priorities.

Types of kitchen cabinets

The types of kitchen cabinets are classified into construction quality and style glossary.

1. Based on construction quality

i. Ready to assemble(RTA)- They are found in major big box retailor outlets. they can be cheaper though less durable. However, you will need a professional to install this type.


They are of higher quality than RTA, generally affordable. They are available as directly distributed by the manufacturer. However, their sizes are fixed and not easily changed.


They lie at the middle in terms of price.They could be made-to-order units directly from the manufacture where you can choose from a wide variety of materials.

iv. Custom

They are designed by the manufacturer as per the client's requirements. You have the freedom to choose from the best material and design in regard to your budget.

2. Based on Style glossary

There are quite a number of cabinet styles but choosing a door type helps you narrow down the choices.


The interior pannel has got stripes made from the single or double groove.

Flat panel

The door has one fixed flat panel which is surrounded by moulding. It is the style of choice for transitional kitchens.


They are sub-types of flat panel door styles molded with square frame with clean and and simple lines.
They are preferably made from oak with the wood grain highlighted using a stain.

They are the known most minimalist options since they feature no molding, panels, or ornamentation. They have optional hardware pulls which can be replaced by a minimalist through choosing push-to-open method or finger ledge to eliminate the hardware need.

Kitchen Cabinets

Steps into the installation of kitchen cabinet

The process should take you one day, cost less than $20 with the modern complexity of installation. You need to hire a professional handyman only in special cases where you need to reassemble parts and install. Otherwise, you can follow these basic steps.

Place your order for the right cabinet and get the exact date of delivery then assemble the neccessary tools and materials. Tools should include a screw gun , 4-ft level, and screws.

Set the height and order of the cabinet.

Work on leveling and setting the boxes by positioning the first cabinets and screwing face frames together.

Add filler strips by measuring the gap and cutting the filler strip.

Make electrical cutouts and plumpings.

Set the peninsula cabinets

-set the first one.
-mark the position of the second pensula cabinet.
-Install 2X2 support
-Set the cabinet in place.

Install upper cabinets

-Mark the exact cabinet positions.
-Mark the stud locations.
-Screw the cabinet on the wall.
-Hang additional cabinets

Finish with trim and doors.

-Carry on the drawer replacement, rehang the doors and finally adjust all hinges in order to align doors.


Setting up your kitchen cabinets require no other than the above simple considerations and your kitchen will be shining in elegance and beauty. All you need is to identify the appropriate cabinet type and reassemble all installation tools mentioned above the follow the simple steps.

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