Guide To Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

When you know the most important parts of refacing your kitchen cabinets, then it might seem like a very simple project to do. By refacing your kitchen cabinets, you can give your kitchen a completely fresh and unique look to your kitchen. If you're unhappy with the look of your existing cabinets, then you could consider updating the appearance of them. Refacing your cabinets is a good alternative to ripping them out and replacing them.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

You can save a considerable amount of money by refinishing your cabinets rather than installing new ones. If you do the work yourself, then you could save even more money. By keeping your existing cabinets, you are often able to have a much more sturdy cabinet as most of the newer ones are not built as well.

Choose the Type of Door

If you want to create a traditional looking cabinet, then you should choose a door and drawer which are inset into the frame of the unit. However, the type of doors which you choose is completely down to personal preference. If you want to use fully concealed hinges, then you can only use overlay and fully inset doors. If you have frameless cabinets, then you can only use inset or overlay doors.

Choose the Style of Door

You should select which type of wood you want to use, also select the style of wood. Do you want a flat door with no detail, or do you want doors with patterned fronts? Its best if you can order the doors prefinished as it will save quite a lot of your time, plus you should end up with a better-looking result. You can buy unfinished doors and drawers if you wish, these are good because you can easily make them match other things in your room.

Choose the Hinges

There are many different types of hinges, when selecting this, you should decide how wide you want the doors to open. This is normally between 100 degrees to 180 degrees. You can also get hinges that close with a snap, soft close or adjustable hinges depending on your needs.

Measure up

You should spend time measure the width and height of the drawers and doors as accurately as possible. You should also remember to measure any false drawers or cabinets in your kitchen. Measure double door openings by doubling the single door width. For any inset doors, you should subtract of an inch from the width and height of your measurements.

Work out how much you need to order

You need to work out how many veneers you need to order so that you can cover the fronts of the doors and frames. It's a good idea to purchase self-adhesive veneer so that it is easy to install.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Measure the end panels

Measure all of the cabinet panels which are covered with the veneer. If the cabinets have glass panels, then measure the inside dimensions and cover that with veneer too.

Other improvements

When you have ordered everything you need and are just waiting for everything to arrive, then there are other things that you can do to keep yourself busy. You could, for example, consider replacing shelves in your kitchen which have started to warp. This is an easy job using plywood which is edged with veneer.

Tips For Picking The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Material

Numerous kitchen cabinets simply appear good or are low cost, so property owners get taken in readily. But over time these kitchen cabinets may fade, get ruined and also become beyond repair. Even though there isn't a perfect kitchen cabinet nevertheless, you may obtain unique varieties of components for any kitchen cabinet that could suit your demands. Whether it truly is utilitarian, stylish or homey, your kitchen cabinet will certainly be obtainable.

For straightforward reference on what an excellent kitchen cabinet must be, consider a evaluate the information under. This displays the various characteristics of a great kitchen cabinet likewise as what kind of products they can be created of. According to your personal vision of one's kitchen as well as level of use, it'll see, different elements can be found to suit your needs. You will discover very affordable and high top quality pieces that could make sure to fit right into a kitchen of one's layout.

Properties of an excellent Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen is sure to give a lot of problems for any kitchen cabinet. Heat, moisture and different meals stains are certain to be problems. A superb kitchen cabinet must have the ability to consider any challenge the kitchen will throw at it. See the list below to learn what a great kitchen cabinet must have.


When you count on the kitchen to be an incredibly wet place, a kitchen cabinet should be waterproof or on the incredibly least, water resistant. Water could cause components to rot or eliminate their form. Resources that absorb or take on water will also develop into heavy resulting in strain for the help and joints. Sealing resources including finish, varnish or cover may also assistance in preserving water out. This makes cleaning easier due to the fact you can wipe surfaces that have a moist rag.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Warp Resistant

Absorption of water and temperature alterations could cause a kitchen cabinet to warp or deform. Warping is not only unsightly; it makes for unsafe storage due to the fact vermin can simply enter storage spaces by way of the opening inside a kitchen cabinet door. It's also very difficult to repair a warped kitchen cabinet.

Chipping and Breaking

A kitchen cabinet will consider all types of punishment. Continuously currently being opened and obtaining pots and pans banged against doors could cause it to chip, crack or break. Challenging resources might be impact resistant. If any small chipping, dents or breaks arise then, you definitely may choose to possess a kitchen cabinet than might be easily repaired.

Corrosion Proof

Corrosion is a big problem for the kitchen cabinet with metal components. No matter if it truly is an accent, a hinge or the frame, corrosion can eat away on the metal and ruin your kitchen cabinet. Ensure that the components are effectively coated using a protective finish if these are not made of stainless steel.

Selections for Kitchen Cabinet Elements

Now that you simply know what to appear for and what to avoid inside a kitchen cabinet, you'll understand what products are available for you. These components may have their very own strengths and weaknesses. It's as much as you to select which ones are most suitable to suit your needs along with your kitchen.

Stainless Steel

This material is very durable and won't rust or stain. Numerous skilled kitchens adore this material because it is easy to clean and lasts long. Be conscious that this may nevertheless dent especially if your metal is thin. Make sure that frames and joints are correctly sealed, so they do not fall apart easily. The material is additionally out there in a selection of finishes and with different accents. It is possible to stay away from the cold look of stainless steel by going for unique accents for instance wood and even coloured plastic. Stainless steel does tend to track fingerprints, specifically with all of the grease that your hands are going to be exposed to in the kitchen. When this is annoying, fingerprints can quickly be wiped away by using a paper towel. Maintenance is simple as you just ought to wipe off any stain.


Large excellent plastic which includes marine grade polymer is perfect for outside kitchen cabinets. These might be very easily cleaned and might withstand the toughest nature can deliver. They're weather evidence and extremely easy to clean. Also they can be found in several different finishes which may match your personal layout or vision for custom kitchens.


By considering the various properties each and every materials has with everything you want and will need, you may have any uncomplicated option in which material to implement. Now that you know what an excellent kitchen cabinet should really be, have entertaining seeking whatsoever the alternatives out there to suit your needs!

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