Pros & Cons On Solid Surface

Singapore hotel industry is the most thriving in the world after China. As such Singaporeans have invested well in hotel equipment especially counter-top surfaces. There are numerous types of counter-top surfaces available all over Singapore. The solid surface counter-top is the most popular. However before you settle for a kitchen cabinet with a solid surface it is important to know its advantages and disadvantages. This way you will be able to discern whether or not it suits your needs.

Pros And Cons On Solid Surface

Some great benefits of solid surfaces

Highly durable
When shopping for a counter-top durability is very important, due to the nature of activities in the kitchen. Solid surfaces have no loose ends that could develop tears or scratches. It is compact and damage resistant compared to other surfaces. Beside a solid surface can be easily sanded if any small damage occurs. A solid surface therefore gives you value for your money as it will last for as long as it takes.

It is non-porous
Due to its compact nature it allows no room for water to pass through. In addition, mildew and other common stains have no chance of contaminating your surface. For food preparation, a solid surface is the most ideal as it creates a very hygienic environment.

Extremely easy to clean and maintain
Remember the kitchen counter-tops should be cleaned after every use. A solid surface makes your cleaning session very interesting, no sweating at all. This is due to its ability to resist scratches and other solid wastes. With just a piece of cloth and water your cabinet surface will remain stylish and sparkling clean.

There are numerous options to select from
This is the only surface that comes with various designs and patterns to meet your needs. Various materials that can resemble either granite, stone or wood are readily available. Besides, these materials can be molded into different shapes and sizes according to your tastes and preferences. This means that you can never run out of options when it comes to solid surfaces.

They have a beautiful seamless look
If you are bent on adding an element of beauty to your kitchen, then this surface would help you. A granite counter-top for instance looks lustrous and presentable. On the other hand you can add to the great look by mounting a supporting sink just below the solid surface.

Some constraints of a solid surface
Despite the many strengths of a solid surface, every good thing has a negative aspect. Knowing the negative element is not meant to discourage you, but to help you know how to handle it.

Solid surfaces are very costly
Based on the materials and how long it lasts, you have to spend well for a solid surface. Apart from just the cost of the material itself, installation costs also count. This type of surface must be installed by a professional to ensure it maintains its look. As much as this might look expensive but it’s worth it because you won’t have to do it frequently.

Can be affected by strong heat, chemicals and sharp objects 
As much as solid surfaces can resist mild scratches and bacteria, they are very vulnerable to high heat. As such ensure no exposure to direct heat when cooking. Hot pans and stoves should not be directly placed on the surface. Sharp knives should also be used cautiously. Chemicals should be kept away as they are likely to corrode the surface or stick permanently on it. Things like nail polish, and other chemicals must not be sprinkled on top of the surface. All the mentioned things could seriously discolor the surface or simply make it look ugly and scary. Always have accessories like cutting boards and cork coasters at hand while preparing food on a solid surface. 

Must be mounted by a trained professional
Despite the costs associated with this, there is no shortcut to it. This is because just any other person would damaging the surface. As such you will pay less or nothing but have the quality of your surface compromised.


This type of surface can work well with any type of sink. With the many choices in the market, choose wisely. Also it is up to you to keep it strong for long. Avoid doing things that might damage your surface. Remember you spent a lot just have that gorgeous solid surface in your kitchen so do your best to protect it.

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