What Is The Best Kitchen Cabinet Material?

Exploring kitchen cabinet material is a crucial step when you want to renovate your kitchen, or even when building the house.
- There are gazillion materials available, ranging from budget to high-end materials.
- A little research will help you make an informed decision, though.
- Let us delve into the materials available:

Kitchen Cabinet Material

- This is the most common kitchen cabinet material.
- There are several wood species that can be used when renovating your cabinets: white oak, cherry, birch, pine, red oak, hickory, hard maple, and ash.
- Each type has its pros and cons, for instance durability, appearance and cost.


- This material is durable and doesn’t off gas from coatings.

Cherry wood

- This is ideal for cabinets which have rich and dark finishes.

Mahogany, sapele, anaglade and bamboo

- These materials give your kitchen cabinet a more exotic look.
- They can be stained or lacquered to give a sleek finish.

Compound Cabinetry Materials

- Apart from wood, one can opt for compound cabinetry materials.
- These materials are durable, easy to maintain, and less susceptible to discoloration.
- They provide flexibility in design, styling and color.


- High-pressure treated laminate kitchen cabinets are extremely durable, but heavier when compared to wood.
- Low-pressure treated counterparts are lighter, but less impact-resistant. Wrap technology eliminates peeling, cracking, and de-lamination.
- This material is also resistant to UV light, moisture, staining, aging, and heat damage.


- Thermofoil refers to material which results from application of heat and pressure to bond a thin PVC layer to a glued and shaped MDF component.
- The process results in a seamless surface used to cover a panel’s edges and face.
- The back has a white, seamless melanine surface which makes it easy to clean.
- Thermofoil can also be applied to plywood or particleboard, (referred to as a substrate).
- This is ideal if you want to replicate the look brought about by the wood.
- It mimics wood and details more closely than laminate.

Eco Cabinet Veneers

- These are thinly sliced sheets of wood.
- They are applied to a furniture core panel.
- They provide the warmth and beauty of real wood, with more consistent grain and color.


- It is durable and versatile.
- It can be used with many finishes, as it has a fine, uniform grain.
- It is also easily painted or stained.
- However, it tends to yellow in the sun.
- Painting takes care of this.


- This is a coating that goes over a base material.
- It provides protection against stains, flames and scratches.
- It has a variety of styles- plain white, faux wood grain, and retro.
- The material underneath is what determines how long it will hold up.
- It can sag easily if cracked. However, it doesn’t allow moisture into the base material.
- It is aesthetically pleasing.

Kitchen Cabinet Material

Metal or Stainless Steel Materials

- Stainless steel is more expensive when compared to wood.
- However, it is easy to clean and is durable.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet material

- Some types of wood are primarily uniform, while others have significant grain variation.
- Natural hardwood has characteristics like knots, sap runs, and mineral deposits which contribute to its beauty.
- These are highlighted by glazes and stains.
- Better still, there is change in grain variation and color as wood ages, and via exposure to light.
- However, avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning a cabinet made from hardwood.
- Other factors that can ruin outstanding features of wood are extreme heat and humidity.
- Ensure that the humidity levels in your kitchen are between 30 and 50 %.


- The style you want to bring to the fore is determined by the material you choose.
- Cherry wood is ideal for dark and rich finishes.
- Woods like bamboo, anaglade, mahogany, and sapele give a more exotic look.
- They can be stained and lacquered to provide a sleek finish.
- Get a more natural look via use of wood grain peeking through a brushed finish.


- Go for neutral color, or that which matches the color of your wallpaper.
- Calm colors improve the atmosphere in the kitchen.
- Some furniture stores may provide you with the colors to choose from.
- When choosing wood, it is important to note that most woods can be stained so as to modify their color, but some are more stain-friendly.
- Your choice should reflect the appearance that you are looking for.
High Quality materials
- Some factors to consider here are durability.

Ease of cleaning

- The last thing you need is to have a stained kitchen cabinet.
- It is advisable to go for material that is easy to clean, for instance, thermofoil.

Kitchen Cabinet Material Cons

- As aforementioned, every type has its pros and cons.
- Let us delve into some cons

Stainless steel

- Expensive
- It can give your kitchen a cold look


- Many wood sealants and finishes contain VOCs.
- When released into the air, they cause illnesses.
- Go for materials that are free from urea and formaldehyde.

Apart from the material, here are some other factors to consider when selecting a kitchen cabinet in general:


- The size of your kitchen is crucial when selecting the kitchen cabinet material to use.
- The cabinet should properly fit in the kitchen.
- If it does not fit, you will not be able to use it.
- A cabinet that properly fits leaves some spare space.


- You will need to think about what you will place on the cabinet.
- The cabinet must meet your needs.
- If you have many items to store, you may need a large cabinet.


- Compare all available cabinets before settling on any of them.
- Stay within your budget.
- Whether you want to give your kitchen a Victorian look, give it a modern spin, or update it with modern trends, choosing the right kitchen cabinet material is of utmost importance.
- Get to know the pros and cons of each type.
- Before you think of getting new cabinets, be sure about the material you want to use.
- It affects your kitchen look.
- Most importantly, stay within your budget.
- Consulting a reliable Singapore kitchen cabinet installation company will go a long way in helping you make the right decision.
- Just take your time and choose right.

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