Why You Should Choose Solid Surface Kitchen

Though you can find countertops made from various types of natural materials for your kitchen including natural stone, marble, and granite, etc. still people like to use a solid surface kitchen in their home due to various reasons. Do you know what solid surface is? The information provided here under can help you to know about solid surface and reasons to choose it for your kitchen.

Solid Surface Kitchen

Introduction with solid surface

Solid surface is a surface made by using composite and durable polymer materials like polyesters and acrylics that can be engineered perfectly to design the countertop of your kitchen. Along with using solid surfaces like a countertop in your kitchen you can also use it for several other applications like edges of the waterfall, floating counters, and backsplashes, etc. The elements like minerals, dyes, and bauxite can be used to add designs and colors to these solid surfaces. They are easy to maintain.

Reasons to use solid surfaces in the kitchen

Keep stains away:
The countertops of solid surface usually remain free from any kind of stains because they are resistant and non-porous to liquids. It may not get even the slightest stain even if you have dropped or spilled something very messy. Moreover, they can be cleaned easily just by wiping away with a damp cloth. However, you should not allow water to stay on it as it can cause watermarks with time.

Special maintenance not required:
You can skip periodic maintenance if you do not have spare time as being non-porous it can be kept clean and look attractive even without any special treatment. This feature of solid surface kitchens makes them different from the countertops made from natural materials like stone and wood. However, to maintain the glossy looks of solid surface you will have to polish it from time-to-time

Easily repairable surface:
As compared to granite countertops, the countertops of the solid surface can be sanded easily to remove any kind of dent, scratch or scrape on it. Any visible inconsistency underneath will not be exposed after sanding it as it is made of a homogeneous material. It means you can easily replace its damaged portion by cutting it out and attaching a new piece. It may not be possible with the countertop of natural materials like wood or stone. Moreover, no visible traces of seams are left after scratching it or replacing a piece of it.

Resist impacts:
The solid surface kitchens are less breakable than stone as they can be scratched or cut easily by using a sharp object like a knife etc. It can absorb impacts and shocks due to its highly flexible and strong surface than granite or any other natural stone. It will not chip or crack even if you have put some heavy thing on it intentionally or accidentally.

Highly hygienic:
Solid surface countertops are highly hygienic as no dirt or dust can stick to it due to its non-porous surface. It can be cleaned easily just by wiping it with soapy water and a simple wet cloth. It is hygienic because no bacteria or allergen can thrive on its non-porous surface.

Though solid surface kitchen countertops are better than natural materials like stone and wood but that does not mean that you can use it carelessly. A durable solid surface can be vulnerable to several things if used improperly. Some tips are provided here under to avoid certain things to keep your solid surface safe for longer time.

Use cutting board:
Instead of cutting vegetable and other things directly on solid surface you should use a cutting board to avoid unnecessary damage, scratch or chip, to the surface. Scratches or chips on solid surface can cause stains, make it unhygienic and look ugly with time.

Solid Surface Kitchen

Use pad or trivet:
Instead of putting hot dishes or pan directly on solid surface kitchen countertop you should always use a trivet or pad to avoid melting of the surface as it can start melting at the temperature of around 160 degrees C. your pan can be hotter than this temperature while cooking.

Avoid using abrasive products:
To scrub the solid surface countertop you should not use abrasive products as they can scratch it which in turn can damage its looks as well as hygiene.

So, one should choose a solid surface kitchen for his home for the reasons discussed in this write-up but be careful to use it for long.

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