Aircon Servicing & Repair Service in Singapore

If you are looking for aircon servicing and repair service in Singapore, you can contact the available service providers. The providers may have different expertise levels. Some may offer their services to both commercial and residential customers while others may choose to specialize. You should find the right provider with the right services to serve your needs. You need quality services if your air con in the island country sucks in airborne grit and salt especially if you are close to the sea. This can lead to inefficient cooling which can affect your health. To ensure quality, look at a few things before contracting a service provider to handle the year round service and aircon repair needs.

You can look at the manpower of the various service providers when looking for the ideal contractor. A provider’s service department may comprise of teams of servicemen dedicated to serve different parts of the country. The provider should be able to provide manpower in your local area. A contractor with teams of workers can ensure faster aircon servicing and repair. The servicemen should be certified to offer fully-qualified services. Moreover, they should have adequate experience in handling aircon repair. Other than the servicemen, the contractor should have station coordinators to coordinate and oversee the work of the team.

A good aircon servicing and repair provider in Singapore should offer services that suit your particular needs. Some general services include checking the aircon’s operating condition, temperature and initial installation, changing filters, cleaning air vents and clearing the drainage pipe. The contractor may also offer chemical flushing services, which is an effective way of cleaning an aircon unit. The chemical wash can help remove dust, dirt, odors and greasy and filthy deposits. While you are at it, check if the contractor offers aircon repair services for your type of air conditioning unit.

Repair and servicing response time should also be considered when looking for quality contractors in Singapore. Some contractors may attend to you upon the availability of the appointment schedule. You may have a serviceman at your door step within an hour, a day or more depending on the type of repair. Opt for a contractor who offers aircon repair services within the shortest time to ensure your problems are solved as soon as possible.

When you suffer a breakdown, you should be able to call the servicing contractor for assistance. A good contractor should be available to you 24/7 inclusive of weekends and public holidays. This ensures that you can acquire the services you need when you suffer a break-down at any time. The contractor should have adequate coordinators to answer any break-down calls and advise you on the best way forward.


Quality aircon servicing and repair in Singapore can be offered by licensed contractors with many years of experience. You should also look at the company’s background, service and repair terms and conditions, service booking and service rates. Comments from previous customers may help you in identifying a quality contractor.

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