5 Reasons To Use Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are a popular choice among a large group of homeowners residing in Singapore. Not just because of its easy installation, but varied colors and texture makes it more advantageous as compared to other type of countertops available in the market. Because of its versatility, it easily fits any decor and gives a modern look to your kitchen. Solid surface is a completely man made material composed of resins, pigments, marble dust and bauxite. Here are top 5 reasons to use solid surface countertops for your kitchen.

5 Reasons To Use Solid Surface Countertops

#1 Durable and easy to maintain
Not to mention, people who use it, bet for its durability. The surface is even throughout and any minor damage can easily be repaired by sanding the area without leaving any trails. Since it is much resistant to heat, it works best as a kitchen countertop. It is non porous and does not get stained by any fluids that come in contact with it. As compared to granite it is more stain resistant.

Moreover, solid surfaces are easy to maintain and can be cleaned without any special skills. Wiping the surface simply with plain water will clean it effectively. Mild disinfectant can be used to remove germs. Since it does not need to be sealed, it is much easier to maintain as compared to other types.

#2 Wide array of color and designs
Since the material is manmade, it has a wide variety of colors and texture. You may choose from any color that matches your decor and get a seamless look. You can also buy unique tinted and textured solid surfaces for a designer appearance. Because of this feature the only difference between the manufacturers of solid surface is variation in color and texture. This is quite impossible with other types of surfaces as they generally have a few shades or texture giving your kitchen a common look.

#3 Easy integration
Solid surface countertops can be easily integrated with a sink and drain board of same material. This feature makes it the most liked among house owners. Backsplashes can also be made out of the same material. This easy integration gives an even look to overall kitchen making it unique and a one of its kind. This also makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Moreover, you may also use the same variety of solid surface in other parts of your home like bathrooms vanity tubs and in bath tubs to provide a classier look to your home.

#4 Inconspicuous seams
If you are fed up with seams that gather microbes apart from looking ugly, then solid surface countertops are ultimate solution for your house. Its unnoticeable seams give it an even appearance throughout. As compared to granite that does not have such feature; solid surface scores more in providing an even tone and better appearance to your kitchen. Though it is important to get the surface installed by an experienced craftsman for better results as if it is done improperly, it may leave visible seams.

#5 Environment Friendly and Affordable
Because solid surfaces are manmade and involves mostly recycled materials, it goes much easy on environment. Granite manufacturers mine the stone that gives it a unique look and characteristics but it actually ends in consumption of natural resources that generally gets wasted in the process.

Solid surfaces, on the other hand provide wide variety of textures that mimic naturally available stones at a pretty lower cost to the environment. It involves green building technology that not only proves advantageous to you but also saves the environment from useless degradation. Besides, it is much affordable as compared to quartz and granite countertops.

You can get as many advantages and even more by investing in solid surface for your surfacing needs at an affordable cost.

In a nutshell, it is clear from the above facts that solid surface countertops are much easy to integrate, have high durability, easy to maintain and low on budget. With endless arena of colors and textures to choose from, most manufacturers provide 10 years warranty on it which is quite impressive. Since your countertops are more prone to damage, the warranty covers all the problems that arise in the first 10 years of installation. Moreover, it is easily repairable and does not need complete replacement in most cases. Minor cracks and scratches can be sanded out restoring the original beauty of your countertop.

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