6 Tips On Choosing Kitchen Cabinets For Your Condo

Kitchen cabinets are the most valuable and a must have asset in every kitchen. If living in a condo, then a quality kitchen cabinet is of crucial importance. Singapore is known to have reputable kitchen cabinet contractors. However there are also contractors who only specialize in kitchen cabinets for condos in Singapore. Condos are no news in Singapore, as such if you are worried about getting a kitchen cabinet developer just for your condo, then do not worry.

6 Tips On Choosing Kitchen Cabinets For Your Condo

Have a clear idea of what you want

People have different tastes and preferences. Also what matters to you in a kitchen cabinet is different from what someone else considers important. Is it aesthetic appeal, durability or the quality? Evaluate your needs and equate them to what you are able to afford. If it is aesthetic appeal then you will have to spend more in interior decoration. Once you have a clear picture of what you need then choosing a kitchen cabinet for your condo will be like a walk in the park.

Find reputable condo kitchen cabinet contractors

It is no doubt that Singapore has numerous kitchen cabinet contractors. As such separating the real from the fake becomes a daunting task. When it comes to condo kitchen cabinets you need someone with overwhelming experience in that industry. This is because with a condo you are not only satisfying the needs of an individual but of multiple people. A reputable contractor will advise well on how to use the available space, and what type of cabinets best suit the apartment. Research a lot, talk to friends and even ask for referrals from colleagues and relatives.

Know the different types of materials available for condo kitchen cabinets

Solid wood is popularly used in constructing kitchen cabinets. Wood also comes in different species. These include oak, cherry, pine, hard maple and many more. All these have their advantages and disadvantages based on the cost, durability and user friendliness. The good thing with wood is that they can always be stained to give a unique color. Apart from wood there are also other options available such as metal, stainless steel, thermo foil, and even melamine. Depending on the look you want research and know the benefits of choosing each of the mentioned materials.

Consider the construction type

Construction type matters a lot when choosing kitchen cabinets for your condo. Most condo units have small and cramped spaces. As such you must settle for a design that would fit the space you have. Framed cabinets which are very popular have a front frame at the opening of the cabinet. There is also an option of frame-less cabinets, in which the door is directly mounted onto the cabinet. Usually for a condo frame-less cabinets are more suitable. This is because they allow for more storage. This means you will have less to keep on your cabinet counter tops.

6 Tips On Choosing Kitchen Cabinets For Your Condo

Consider the hardware of your kitchen cabinets

Hardware determines how your cabinets will look in the long run. Poor choice of hardware interferes with the whole design while a perfect and wise choice boosts the appearance. Include cabinet pulls, handles and knobs to give you that customized look. If you are thinking of cutting costs then the mentioned accessories are better compared to cabinet doors.

Consider the costs
The reason you may be living in a condo is because you still have no money to own your own house. This means you want to save a lot. Visit at least three contractors and compare the cost of constricting and installing each type of cabinet. Ask the contractor if they offer maintenance services and under what terms and conditions. A kitchen cabinet for your condo should not cost you a fortune. It is advisable to get a contractor who will charge a one-time fee for all the services offered and not one who prices everything separately.


As much as condo units look the same from outside and have shared facilities, you can make your unit special. Many factors justify the existence and popularity of condominium units in Singapore. They are located conveniently near work stations and are much affordable. Once you have your unit follow the above tips on choosing kitchen cabinets for your condo so as to get the best. There may be other issues you might as well consider but the mentioned ones are the most basic.

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