Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Kitchen Cabinet

A kitchen cabinet is an invaluable piece of furniture. In fact, its a must have in your kitchen. It makes your kitchen look tidy, organized, and beautiful. You do not only need it, but you also need it in good condition. It should maintain that new look it had when you first installed it.

Tips For Your Kitchen Cabinet

So, how do you make your kitchen cabinet continue to look as good as new and to last for long? Here are invaluable tips on how to.

1. Clean stains as soon as they occur

Never let spills and splatters from food stay for any length of time. They may set and be difficult to remove. Or they may have done the damage already by the time you remove them.
The oils found in greasy foods damage the surface of the cabinet if they stay in contact with it for a considerable length of time. You will see visible discoloration start to appear if it happens time and again. Your cabinet's gloss finish is then in danger of becoming damaged and losing its beauty. Always wipe clean food spills immediately using a damp piece of cloth. If a damp cloth doesn't remove them, you can use a homemade or commercial cleaner. Only make sure the commercial cleaner is made for cleaning wooden surfaces.

2. Avoid water and excessive moisture

Moisture causes damage to the cabinet's finish. It leads to discoloration. And if your cabinet is exposed to prolonged moist conditions, the surface may even start to peel off.  Water causes excessive and irregular expansion and contraction in the material that makes your cabinet and may cause damage to jointed walls. Cracks may start to appear, and your kitchen cabinet's life would be shortened. To prevent these water and moisture related damages, ensure your kitchen is not too humid. Wipe any water that spills in the cabinet immediately with a piece of cloth that's absorbent enough.If you are fond of hanging damp pieces of clothes like dish towels in your kitchen cabinet, it's about time you stopped the habit. You can also add a lining to the inside surfaces to prevent water from coming into direct contact with the surfaces. Avoid wiping your cabinet using a dry cloth or against the grain. A dry cloth leaves more dirt than it removes while wiping across the grain causes scratches to the wood.

3. Protect from sunlight

The UV radiation present in sunlight will cause your cabinet to become discoloured after prolonged exposure. To avoid this, install your cabinet in a part of the kitchen where direct sunlight won't reach it. And if it isn't possible, you could consider using blinds to keep the sun away.

Tips For Your Kitchen Cabinet

4. Keep away heat

Heat easily damages your kitchen cabinet by affecting the delicate finish. It's important to ensure heat doesn't escape from especially your oven. If you are using a self-cleaner in the oven chances are the heat generated may reach your cabinet and cause damage. You can avoid this by removing the cabinet drawers before starting the cleaning process. Or you can try to avoid it altogether.

5. Never use abrasive cleaning products

Abrasive cleaners directly damage the finish of your kitchen cabinet cause by removing the top layer and causing the surface to lose its luster. The once glossy surface now becomes a rough unattractive one.
To avoid this always use a soft cloth and warm water. You may use soap or a mild detergent, especially if you are cleaning greasy spills. Cleaners made for wood surfaces are also available. Use them to clean your kitchen cabinet.

6. Avoid using bleach, cleaning solutions having ammonia, and Strong detergents

These contain chemicals that are highly reactive with the wood finish of your kitchen cabinet to cause permanent damage. Never use them even if you are tempted to do so by for example presence of stubborn stains. If you have such stains to clear off your kitchen cabinet, make a baking soda solution and use it. It will easily remove most stains, and safely. You can also use commercial cleaners.

7. Fill and obscure cracks and scratches

There are available products to hide scratches that occur on your kitchen cabinet surfaces. You can ask at the store where you purchased it if you have no clue.  Filling and hiding scratches and cracks prevents them from extending and at the same time helps maintain the beauty of your cabinet. You wouldn't want it to look old and worn out anyway! It's easier, though, to prevent scratches from occurring in the first place. They are often caused by friction when cleaning or by the abrasive action when you move an object along the surface. Always ensure cleaning movements are along the grain and you do not pull objects along the surface of the cabinet.

Tips For Your Kitchen Cabinet

8. Polish your kitchen cabinet from time to time

Doing so restores its new look and reverses wearing out. It will help your cabinet to last for a little longer. You can do it yourself, or you can employ the services of professionals. Having experts do it for you is obviously the best option because they will do it right.
Avoid waxing your kitchen cabinet at all costs. It causes damage to the wood.

9. Avoid dragging objects over the surface

Doing so causes the surface to wear off, with time. You may not notice it because it happens at a microscopic. It only becomes apparent when you start to see scratches and loss of glossy texture.
However if the dragging involves heavy objects and mainly across the grains, the damage is immediate. Always keep it in your mind so that you don't mistakenly cause this irreparable damage unknowingly.

10. Repair damages as soon as they occur

Damages such as loose handles and broken hinges should be taken care of as soon as they are spotted. This will prevent the damage from becoming worse and becoming irreparable or costing you a lot. Some damages, if left to stay, may even want a complete replacement of the affected part. Which is why it's not advisable to neglect any need for repairs.

If well taken care of, your cabinet can continue to grace your kitchen for a very long time. It's lack of basic care tips that will usually lead to old looking kitchen cabinets that lose their shine soon after installation.

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