Is Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Suitable For HDB?

A home is one of most precious procession in one's life. Irrespective of whether it has been bought, inherited or acquired through other means, it is here that one's family lives and it becomes the center for the home. It is for this reason that the installation that is within your home should be of high quality standards. Among the best installations within the home is an aluminium kitchen cabinet.

The housing development board

After being in place for more than half a century, HDB made commendable efforts that were evident in the year 1961. Its main objective of the program was to ensure that residents of Singapore owned low cost houses other than relying on rental hoses after the destructive results of the Second World War. After developing the housing units, they have been undergoing consistent repairs and upgrades to ensure they are more comfortable and suitable to live in.

Why choose aluminium cabinets?

Aluminium kitchen cabinet Singapore

Aluminium is one of the best metals in use in varying sectors of the construction industry. Its many advantages make it to be continuously considered for various works within the home. From doors to widows and kitchen, it forms an ideal material that is always worth consideration. When used for your kitchen here is a list of advantages you stand to gain.

There are many activities that are undertaken within the kitchen. Ranging from food preparation to cleaning, it mostly includes use of water alongside use of equipments that produce smoke and other gases. All these elements are bound to cause corrosion for which aluminium is highly resistant.

In this way when used in construction of kitchen cabinets it forms a long lasting solution that will not call for replacements every now and then. The continuous use of water within the kitchen therefore will not cause any rust to the cabinet.

Singapore Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminium is light in weight. His is despite the fact that the metal can be enhanced with other strong alloys making it strong enough to hold any weight. In this regard when considering installation for a condo, it becomes easy to transport the cabinet to location and as well when it is required in other locations.

Unlike most of the materials used in construction of kitchen cabinets, aluminium is impermeable and non-toxic. In this way, the food stored within the aluminium kitchen cabinet and any other utensils and cooking products always remain safe from intoxication. This means it is one of the safest materials that can be used for this purpose.

In modern construction trends, designs vary to fit the taste of the individual user. With varying designs available for kitchen cabinets, use of aluminium becomes important. It can be folded to create varying design that will perfectly fit to the taste of the homeowner and other members of the family living within the house. Its thinness also allows for smaller and fitting designs to be created to create more space for other appliances within the kitchen.

Upgrading houses by the HDB

The main point of HDB to undertake regular upgrades to the housing units in Singapore is to ensure that the government-funded houses are always up to standards. It is evident that the use of aluminium provides a long-term solution for the kitchen cabinet. It is in this regard that there is need to use the metal in construction of the cabinets. This will not only offer a long term solution to the upgrade processes but will also give the homeowner the comfort of not having to move thing too often to give room for the upgrade processes.
Aluminium handles

Environmental factors

Owing to the recent climatic changes, the use of natural resources such as wood is becoming increasingly difficult. With measure on tree harvesting being put in place, the cost of the same is becoming increasingly high. While use of aluminium may come at a higher cost for the HDB, in the long run, it is equally cheap as it will require little or no repairs.


While seeking to give better housing solutions for homes and condos, it is important for HDB to give greater consideration to the use of aluminium. Its flexibility in design is ideal for creating. This is further enhanced by its durability that ensures that the homeowners get to enjoy its services for longer.

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