Reasons to Choose Solid Surface Counter Top For Your Kitchen

The most recognized option for kitchen-countertops today is laminate countertops. These countertops are produced using a few layers of Kraft-paper materials engineering-materials, melamine plastic-coatings & decorative paper. The reason why individuals choose laminate-countertops for their kitchen countertops is that they are the most economical to countertops and they come in a wide-range of shades & examples.

Solid Surface Counter tops

Laminate countertops

You can get one’s laminate countertops for a large part of the speed of a solid surface-countertop of a similar size. The cost of the laminate-countertop is based on its development strategy, the materials utilized in it and the customization of specific subtleties. It is ideal to use laminate-countertops as a conservative and transient substitute for other kitchen countertops.

Material of the countertop

The major component of a laminated-countertop is plastic, where the material of the countertop is fixed inside 2 layers of plastic & melts with heat. Overlapping-machines are used to make laminate-countertops where some machines have more than one roller, so that more than one sheet of laminate can be delivered.

Non-porous surface

Laminated-countertops have a non-porous-surface. This is the reason why the development of accumulation, form, microscopic-organisms and different microorganisms decreases. This makes it safe to plan the sustenance specifically from the counter.


The type of plastic & material combined in laminate-countertops decide the technique to make the countertop. Melamine-plastic was used for the first time in conventional laminate countertops; however, plastics reinforced with glass and carbon strands are used today. Today, melamine binds with formaldehyde to make hard, solid plastic that produces low-end laminate countertops.

Marble countertops

For decorative purposes, you can buy rock or either marble countertops. They range from 100 dollars and they are also truly solid. They make beautiful countertops and most of today's-kitchens are full of this type of countertops.

The countertops-manufactured as corian & silestones are the next option if you are in a financial-plan. They are simple in their financial plan but they are a great expansion for one’s kitchen. Just be sure to advise some people who have information inside the kitchen so that you decide on the right type of choice.


There is a broad range in the shading, the surface and the example of laminate-countertops accessible today. As a rule, they take as reference the characteristic and credible stones accessible today, such as marble, rock, quartz & slate. Well-known structures for laminate, countertops are wood grains and stone appearance.

The predominant tones of the laminate-countertops are blue, cream, dark, beige & white. There are also nowadays & enhance the tones in the range despite the great examples and retro-tones. It's smarter to use retro tones like nuclear orange & water boomerang if you have a retro-theme in one’s kitchen.

Solid Surface Counter tops

Easy cleaning

Laminate-countertops are anything less-difficult to maintain and are protected against color-change. All you need is a damp cloth or either cloth, and a little disinfectant or either chemical from the family unit to clean one’s laminate countertop. When this is done, you require cleaning it with a dry-cloth. However, make sure both garments are made of some non-abrasive material to avoid scratching the laminate-countertop. Scratches on a laminate-countertop ruin the finish of the countertop, but also allow moisture to enter. In this way, the development of the form, the accumulation & the appearance of microscopic-organisms & the staining are encouraged in Singapore.

The chemical used to clean the countertop of the laminate should be free of every cruel synthetic substance such as antacid & acids, since these wear out of the fiberglass-laminate. Actually, the more grounded-synthetics also soften the laminate. So choose synthetic cleaning compounds with a pH-of 7-that is unbiased.

You can use items such as Counter-top Magic or either Plexus to maintain the brightness of your laminate-countertop. Goof-Of is an excellent item to use to expel stubborn-stains from the countertop, while stubborn stains must be expelled using a soda & water preparation glue, & connected with a soft bristle-brush. You only have to perform 10 - 20 strokes to expel soaked spots. Be it as it may, it doesn’t brush excessively, as the preparation of the soda is a rough-material and can damage the surface of the laminate-countertop.

Avoid spilling any hair-color, material & nutrition on your laminate-countertop, as this makes the stains last. If any of these spills, it should be cleaned quickly with a dishwasher-cleaner or either any other generally useful cleaner. Stove cleaner & spills from latrine bowl-cleaners should be cleaned quickly and rinsed with water a couple of times.

Never use steel-fleece or either rough cushions on the laminate countertop while scratching. Nor steel fleece-cushions should be stored on the countertop, as it rusts, and this metal rust leaves the collectors on the laminate-countertop.


It is not wise to use the laminate-countertop as a work table or either cutting board, since the laminate is resistant to water & stunning, it is not scratch-proof. Use separate hacking sheets & refrain from hitting or either striking the laminate-countertop. The hot pan, hair-dryers, boiling dishes & other hot items should not be placed directly on the laminate-countertop. Instead, place them on protected thermal covers or either cushions to ensure completion of the countertop.

Although it is okay to clean-laminate countertops, it is smarter to keep moisture at least. This is so in the case that water enters the folds, at that point microscopic-organisms develop to begin the damage. Moisture also saturates the splash guard & causes it to spoil. You can control the amount and the load of the water with the help of a splash that of a humid-material.

Solid Surface Counter tops

When damaged, your laminate-countertop cannot be repaired. The most that can be done is to use external folds-filling units to decrease the extent of the damage caused in the upper-part of the counter, so that the fold is quite noticeable. However, these elements are not useful for repairing broken or either broken parts of the laminate-countertop.

It is not enough to simply install a laminate-countertop in your kitchen. You should also use some type of edges on the top of the counter to ensure that the top of the counter & to make it look more attractive. Not only can you use the typical rolled & slanted edges of the usual countertops on laminate countertops, but you can also use wood and solid-surface supplements to get eyes & exquisite decorative edges. You can choose your type of edge depending on the interior-trim of your kitchen.


Laminate-countertops are the easiest to clean, but they do not have such attractive impacts with respect to tasteful properties. It will also be a colossal-obligation for you when the time comes that you will move out of the house.

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