How To Install Kitchen Cabinet For Landed Properties

While remodelling a kitchen it becomes necessary to install kitchen cabinets in some new style or change their looks by repairing and resurfacing them or installing some new cabinets so that they can add to its new look. The installation process of a kitchen cabinet usually remains the same whether you install it in landed properties or any other type of property in Singapore. Usually two types of kitchen cabinets are installed in Singapore- base kitchen cabinets and wall mounted kitchen cabinets. They can be installed in a stepwise manner discussed in brief in this write-up for your guidance if you are doing it yourself.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen remodelling can be made easy, especially while installing wall hanging as well as base kitchen cabinets, if you arrange the required tools and materials beforehand. The tools required for this purpose include a 4' level, a tape measure, a pencil, a stud finder, a crew gun and few clumps. Materials required to install kitchen cabinets for landed properties in Singapore include ready-to-assemble base and wall hanging cabinets, 2 ledger boards, wood shims and 2 inch screws.

After arranging all the tools and materials required for installing kitchen cabinets for landed properties you can start installing them one by one in a step by step manner as given here under.

Installing wall hanging kitchen cabinet
Mark the wall after measuring it:

First of all you should measure the height of your base cabinet the standard height if which is normally 34 inch. Now add 1 inch space for a standard countertop and 18-20 inch space for backsplash which makes a total of 54 inches from the floor of your kitchen where you can mark points on the wall to place the bottom of your wall hanging cabinet. You should measure this height from the highest point of your floor along the wall, if it is not levelled properly.

Now join these points by drawing a horizontal line on the wall, after ensuring its level with the help of a spirit level, which will be used later on as a guide to hang your cabinet properly levelled. Now you should locate wall studs by using a stud finder as they play important role in supporting the weight of your wall kitchen cabinet properly. But you should also take care of plumbing and electrical wiring while locating wall studs.


Fix a support or ledger board:

While fixing a support or ledger board safely on the wall you should use screws to screw it on the wall studs at your marked height to support your cabinet’s weight temporarily while installing it. But before installing the wall cabinet you should not forget to lighten its weight by removing its doors and hardware.

Hang the wall cabinets:

If you are hanging two wall cabinets in your kitchen then first of all you should attach them together so that they can be lifted together and installed safely on the supporting ledger board. You can use clamps to fix the vertical pieces on the frame of the cabinets together in a way so that their fronts can flush easily without any hindrance. Now you have to join these cabinets safely at the stile by drilling and screwing them at all of their meeting points in the front and back along with top and bottom. You should also drill on the thick frame along the top of the cabinets and fix screws so that you need not worry for them while installing them on the wall.

Now you should lift the cabinets up to the ledger board fixed already and check its level and plumb. You can also shim the cabinets, if needed, to align their front. After shimming the level and plumb of the cabinets you should fix them safely at the studs into the wall. After completing the placement you should check their level and plumb once again before installing them permanently on the wall. You can use filler bar supplied by the cabinet manufacturer to fill the gap if it exists between the last cabinet and the wall.

After installing all the kitchen cabinets in your kitchen on the landed properties in Singapore properly you should remove the ledger board and attach their hardware and doors to finish the process of the installation of wall hanging cabinets.

Install Kitchen Cabient

Installation of base kitchen cabinet

Find out higher points on the floor:

While installing base kitchen cabinet for landed properties in Singapore first of all you should check the level of the floor. If it is not levelled properly then you should find out its highest point along the wall, where you want to install your cabinet in your kitchen. It will be easier to shim on the lower points of the floor under the cabinet if you start installing your base cabinet from or near the highest point. It will be difficult to adjust your cabinet at higher points if you start its installation from lower points.

Measure and mark:

Now you should measure the height of your base cabinet and mark a level line on the wall at the highest point from the floor to establish the top level of your cabinet. While drawing this line you should ensure to use spirit level to ensure its truly horizontal status as it will help you in the installation process. Now locate the studs on the wall by using a stud finder and mark them with pencil. You should also pre-drill the cabinet along the top of its frame piece to make it easy for you later on.

Install the base cabinet:

First of all you should install one of your cabinets temporarily and check its level across the top. You can also shim the cabinet to level its top properly. Now you can install it safely into the wall by screwing it into the studs. Now attach the hardware and doors of the cabinet to complete the installation process of kitchen cabinets for landed properties in Singapore.

Thus kitchen cabinets can be installed easily for landed properties in Singapore by following the steps provided in this write up.

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