Designing Kitchen Cabinet: Merging Style And Function

Kitchen cabinets ought to be spacious and functional, taking into account the size of the kitchen and the number of people living in it. A typical Singaporean house is a condominium/apartment style flat. Spatial limitations are challenges that need to be overcome. Designers and carpenters alike have to be creative in order to maximize every space there is.

Kitchen Cabinet

However, though function and use should be the top concern in designing kitchen cabinets, aesthetics and beauty can still be forwarded at the same time. It need not be compromised. Style and function can be merged albeit limited space in this small but progressive nation-city.

Use Dark-Colored Wood with Silver Linings

This kitchen cabinet design will appear well if constructed out of dark wood colored materials with silver lines. This is simple yet classy, modern and minimalist yet very masculine. It is perfect for bachelors or individuals who are on the go, athletic and have passion for outdoors and extreme sports. The dark wood emphasizes muscle, power and vigor that are normally associated with men who are gym-goers and extreme sports enthusiasts.

The silver linings will give it a shape and will balance the bland colors of wood. It will also accessorize the kitchen cabinets by revealing its individual pockets, the openings and doors, as well as the hinges. To complete the modern kitchen look, the sink area should match the silver lining, by coating it with aluminium cover instead of colourful tiles.

Plain Colors That Stand Out

If you are a minimalist and want your kitchen simple yet fashion forward, you can still use those classic plain white color for your kitchen cabinets, but this time, pair it with any wood color in order to balance the brightness. White kitchen cabinets are clean, sleek and perfect for small areas like condominiums and apartments. White kitchen cabinets will bring wide, spacious silhouette to an otherwise limited space.

This clean and minimalist atmosphere is also perfect for bachelors who are living alone. Though it is white and bit feminine, the wood-colored portion will strike a balance, and will qualify it as a professional gentleman's kitchen. The white and wood colored cabinets are also universal colors, thus finding perfect furniture to match the entire kitchen's theme will be easy. This will leave you more design options for the dining area and the living room.


Explore Different, Unconventional Shapes

You can also play with the cabinet's shapes and creative edges. You do not need to limit your choice to the traditional; rectangular cuts present in the market today. Check out some kitchen cabinet that shows curves rather than edges. The entire cabinet's base can be shaped to give it a pebble-like contour, which will be the basis of its bent doors.

Note though that using this type of kitchen cabinets, especially in places like Singapore where families are usually in apartment buildings, could cause you a little more space. Moreover, using this design for kitchen cabinets would require you to make corresponding adjustments to the sink area and the dining table, so much so that the latter should likewise compliment the curves that you have adopted to maintain cohesiveness and consistency. The success of curved kitchen cabinets rest on how well they blend with the other elements of the kitchen such as the sink and the appliance.

Glass and See-Through Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets made of see-through materials are not yet outdated. It can still bring elegance to the kitchen the way we see it on classical movies where big, grand houses use glass cabinets to showcase the owner's finest collection of wines, expensive glasses, utensils and the like.

We can still utilize the same feel even with our limited space. This kitchen cabinet design will knock on your creative and artistic side by letting you design the cabinet through its contents. You can put your wines and other expensive kitchen materials in a nicely done cabinet that visitors can look at anytime. This kind of kitchen cabinet borrows some elements from open shelving where one only places racks without any doors, thus making the items on display the main attraction on its overall design. The same thing happens in glass cabinets where items inside are as much part of the cabinet's design.

Merging Style

Chalk Board Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets may increase its utility by making use of chalkboards as its primary material. This will turn your kitchen cabinets into a useful checklist. Things like grocery list could just be written on it. It may also be used to write some other household reminders like due date of every bills, or short notes for some members of the family or housemates.

Though chalkboards may look plain and bland for some, that chalkboard will come to life once your kids come and express creativity on it. Colored chalks can bring creations to your cabinets by turning it into a canvass. Though you could hardly call it a high fashion kitchen cabinet, it will nonetheless bring a cozy, customized, laidback atmosphere to your kitchen. If you have kids between 6 to 10 years old at home, this kind of kitchen cabinet can be the answer. If you could hardly visualize it, go and check out your favorite coffee house and see how they creatively introduce their new concoctions through colored chalks and chalkboards.

Combined Upholstery and Creative Lightings

Kitchen cabinets do not have to be made of wood or other conventional materials. One can simply upholster the kitchen cabinets to get some unique look. It will not only bring unique texture, but also creative patterns like those that we see in furniture fabrics. Now, upholstery is not something we can do every day. So with this design, dark colors will be utilized in order to hide accidental spills that happen in the kitchen almost every day. The fabric will be carefully selected as well to withstand liquid spills and enable you to clean it with ease.

To highlight the designs of this cabinet, creative lightings will be used. LED lights can strategically be placed under or at the back of every cabinet to hide the bulb and only reveal the light without its source.

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